Monday, May 7, 2012

Tone Output using Arduino

Can't tell if this is actually working or just squeaking in response to being jostled...
A couple of factors that might be at fault-
  • I am using a 16 ohm speaker rather than an 8 ohn speaker
  • One of the photocell sensors that I'm using looks different than those pictured on the couse site (its bigger?) 
Also, I should mention that I'm looking at the numbers stream downwards in the serial monitor onscreen but I can't tell if the sensors are having any effect on them?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 4: Analog Input!

This is my first attempt at running analog input through the arduino. The variable resistance of the potentiometer is represented by the dimming and brightening of the bulb and was also displayed onscreen, as a scrolling number sequence in the arduino serial monitor.

Week 3 Lab!

This is my first program running on the arduino, it features a rotating cast of not one but TWO leds, changing according to the position of a a push button.

For my next trick I replaced the switch with a coke can. BRILLIANT!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Lookit all of the things!

Such as: soldering a connection for my power jack so that I can run my breadboard from a 9V battery.

To the right is a single LED powered by the 9V:

To the left is an LED controlled by a single switch.

Below are my videos of various configurations of LED with switches in serial as well as parallel and controlled by a potentiometer.

Ps I totally soldered the pot' too. Yep. I did that.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Physical Computing Week 2: Sensor Based Interactives/Fantasy Device

Sensor-based things I encountered...

At home:
-Microwave button interface
-Alarm clock button interface
-IPhone touchscreen
-Laptop touch pad
-Light switch

In my day to day:
-Automatic supermarket doors
-Barcode price scanner
-ATM touchscreen
-Security exit button in apt complex foyer
-Polytech ID/RFID tap key card
-Classroom keycode locks
-Elevator door jamb sensor
-Hotel Room keycard
-Automatic toilet/sink/soap and towel dispensers.
-Children's plush horse toy with button activated braying sound.
-Turnstyle/metro card swipe
-Duane Reade credit card swipe.
-Taxi Cab touch-screen payment system.

My fictitious product:
"Call it All"
A positioning system for things in the home, answer to the "I wish I could call my keys like I call my phone" impulse.

A scanner for home items like office supplies, clothes, kitchen items that allows you to tag items with a sensor chip associated with an assigned search term. Automatically builds a database of your personal items that interfaces with email and mobile tech allowing the item to be searchable from a computer or phone and mapped within the space of the home.